Founded in the heart of Austria in 2006, Lehnen make aggressive and beautiful rock music. Their last two releases, "I See Your Shadow" (2013) and "Reaching Over Ice and Waves" (2015), saw the band share stages with the likes of Russian Circles, Boris, Junius, Tides from Nebula, Pillars, and Pray for Sound, while touring with bands such as Caspian and InAeona.

The fear of failing keeps many living in unwanted patterns. In an increasingly digital world, that is simultaneously connected and disconnected, we often struggle to find our place in the bigger picture. In the face of social constructs and expectations, time draws on. Regardless of whether we change or accept our fate, the slate can never truly be wiped clean. However, we can choose how to fill the remaining space.

With roaring, caustic distortion, and calming ambience, Lehnen’s fifth studio album, "Negative Space", explores these concepts without pulling any punches - or giving many answers. Rather, it raises questions and peers into the abyss of depression, if only to proclaim that no one has to feel alone.

"Negative Space" is out via Noise Appeal Records (EU) and Post. Recordings (USA) on September 17th, 2021.

Joel – vocals, guitar
Matthew – drums, synths
Steve – bass



Release date: SEP 17, 2021

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1 Hangman
2 Mute
3 Lacuna
4 You Throw Light
5 Elephant
6 Thirty One
7 Playact
8 Negative Space
9 Curtain
10 Obscura

With roaring, caustic distortion, and calming ambience, Lehnen’s fifth studio album, “Negative Space”, explores these concepts without pulling any punches – or giving many answers. Rather, it raises questions and peers into the abyss of depression, if only to proclaim that no one has to feel alone.


Release date: MAY 28, 2015


1 Immer Fremd
2 How's The Tires?
3 Horsetooth
4 Nightdrive, Mile High
5 Isolation
6 Away
7 Estes
9 Grey Like Travel

"The record conveys what it is like to be a foreigner hanging in the balance between two cultures, constantly home-sick regardless of where one goes, paradoxically, finding comfort and familiarity in travel, as travel itself becomes a sort of “home”.

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Flights, layovers, and airports are warmly welcomed- they are the connector between the traveler and the people and places at the end of the journey. The majority of these sentiments are transported instrumentally, with occasional vocals when lyrics are needed to express specific ideas."

All songs written and performed by Lehnen. Recorded by Ronald Dangl at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studios in Graz Austria. Additional recordings at mBox Studios, Vienna Austria & Living Fire Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado USA. Additional production, mixing, and mastering by Will Benoit at The Radar Studio in Clinton, Connecticut USA. Guitar solo featured on “TCK” played by David Boyd. Spoken word contributions featured on “Immer Fremd” and “TCK” by Donald Prokop and Marlena Sustala. Original paintings by Hannah Korbitz. Layout and design by Stefan Sieder. Released via Noise Appeal Records and Cloud Contact Records. Sponsored by the AustroMechana SKE Fond. We would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people: Our families and our loved ones, Karin, Julia, Marlena, and Zuza. Your patience and faith in us made this record possible. Many, many thanks go out to all contributors and producers who helped make this release the album it is: Ronny, Will, Hannah, David, and Donald. Additional thanks go out to Dominik Uhl at Noise Appeal Records, Artur Garcia at Wombat Booking, Tobias Wurscher, and Tom Zwanzger at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studios. Lastly, we would like to thank you, the listener, for supporting us throughout the years and for continually getting us out on the road without which we would understand the true meaning of a home just a little bit less. xoxo, Joel, Martin, Matthew, Stefan. © 2015 Cloud Contact Records / Noise Appeal Records


Release date: Sept 20, 2013


1 Death Angel
2 Eighty Years Free download
3 Acceptance
4 Thomas
5 I See Your Shadow
6 Breathing Machines
7 Draw What You Know
8 Figures
9 Take Me Home
10 Deadhymn

„It was time for a change; a change unlike the ones we'd experienced before. We decided to write the SONG, not the album, do whatever it takes to make it the best song possible even if it meant passing on the temptation to rely on things like electronic beats, and let that wall of sound breath from time to time, sometimes even leaving vocals out.

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"I See Your Shadow" was conceived using a new mindset: Do the best you can, have fun with it, and stop looking to the future for change. Change is everywhere you choose to see it. Using this mindset and 1,5 years of stage absence, 10 songs finally found a way to live in harmony. Sonically, "I See Your Shadow" is closer to our initial dream than anything we've released in the past. Upon first looking at the song titles and scanning through the lyrics, one may be tempted to believe this album is about death. It isn't. Death is a prominent character that reappears when necessary, driving the REAL point home : "Life won't wait. If you have love in your life, embrace it and never let go."; a message made even more personal to the members of our band by the passing of several loved ones in our family and the families involved in the creation of the record. But while they moved on, we feel like we've been given the chance to start anew.“

All songs written, performed and produced by Lehnen. All Lyrics by Joel Boyd. Recorded by Ronny Dangl at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Will Benoit at Radar Recording Studios. Additional Recordings at mBox Studios & Tape Attack Studios. Field Recordings on "Breathing Machines" and “Deadhymn” by Matthew Prokop. Spoken Word on “Acceptance” by Miriam Neubacher. Spoken Word on "Death Angel", "Thomas", and "Take Me Home" by Irene Wildvank. Drawings by Hannah Korbitz. Photography by Sarah Neubert. Art Concepts by Joel Boyd and Hannah Korbitz. Layout & Design by Stefan Sieder. Special Thanks to: Ronny Dangl, Will Benoit, Tom Zwanzger, Martin Grabler, Hannah Korbitz, Sarah Neubert, Miriam Neubacher, Karin Boyd, Julia Pichler, Zuzana Sieder & Marlena Sustala. Thank you for purchasing this record! Love, Lehnen. © 2013 Cloud Contact Records


Release date: July 8th, 2011


1 I Can't Save You
2 We Are A Passing Car
3 Home


Limited handprinted 200 pcs. edition
Release date: July 8th, 2011
Artwork by Joel Boyd
Mixed by Ronny Dangl
Mastered by Jens Dreesen
Written, recorded and produced by Lehnen
Label: mBox Records


Release date: May 21st, 2010


1 What Is In The Air
2 White Flowers
3 Bucket & Broom 4 To Hell
5 Coma
6 Loom
7 Make Believe
8 Awake
9 Ghost Town

When everyone else is sleeping, a whole new world opens up to the one who is still awake. For those who choose to stay up, as well as those unable to fall asleep there is time to reflect, to digest the events and emotions of the day. Read more

Alone, but not necessarily lonely. Undisturbed, yet not always peaceful. If a person wants an honest glimpse of himself in the mirror, then this is perhaps the best moment to look. The majority of songs on this record were written between midnight and the early hours of morning. Each one explores subject matter from a perspective of seclusion. Often dark and dismal, the sound is meant to convey the feeling of isolation while the city sleeps- the feeling of being the only one awake.

written and produced by lehnen. mixed by floxe. mastered by jens dreesen at skyline tonfabrik. photos by simon graf. model: linnéa jänen. copyright 2010 LEHNEN

I See Your Shadow

Draw What You Know

Live Studio Session

Eighty Years (Live)

We Were Made For Destruction



What Is In The Air (acoustic)


Negative Space

Negative Space

Thirty One


Reaching Over Ice And Waves

How's The Tires

Grey Like Travel (Live)

Immer Fremd (Live)

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